Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gardening in the sun

The weather here in Nottingham is beautiful! It's cheered me up a treat :) I had Friday off work and I've been able to work in my garden every day :)

I've had lots of ideas through the cold winter months and filled many a page with sketches and lists. I'm a fair-weather gardener and only do the very bare minimum through the cold winter months, so it's been great to finally make a start on the work. 

Here is Pepper squinting in the sun and bringing her stick to me :)

I've also ordered a couple of plants- a white magnolia suitable for growing in a pot (Royal Star) and a scented orangey/pink patio rose (Conservation) also to be grown in a pot. These should arrive this Tuesday :)

And even more good news...I only have to go to work on Monday- the rest of the week is mine..all mine! I hope the weather stays nice :)

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  1. Pepper looks so cute in the garden. I have the week off work too , fingers crossed the sun comes out for us again.
    Ann x


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