Sunday, May 09, 2010

And the winner is....

Voting has now finished for the Funniest Pet Competition! Thank you to all those who entered and for your votes. I now have the pleasure to announce that there are two winners........

The pets with the most votes are.....................

Figgs with 21% votes and Jasper with 21% votes
Congratulations! Figgs and Jaspers owners both win a PepperPi character!

Although there isn't a prize for second place I would like to mention Inca and Heidi who came joint second.

Thanks again to all those who entered and was great fun!


  1. Jasper looks so comfy hehehe Thanks for this contest, it was a blast :))

  2. This was SO fun! :D

    I love your blog and I am awarding you “The Kreativ Blogger” award! To accept it simply visit my blog at

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!


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