Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here is Bingle Wooflepup...

...the latest PepperPi Pals character!

Just like people, each collectable PepperPi Pal is unique and only one of each is made......this is the one and only Bingle Wooflepup!

Bingle Likes:
  • ·         Stealing your socks
  • ·         Sniffing visitors bottoms (how embarrassing)
  • ·         Gardeining (digging holes)

Bingle Dislikes:
  • ·         Anything which goes BANG!
  • ·         Missing any fun
  • ·         Lettuce


BingleWooflepup comes with his own personalised Profile Card showing details such as his name, his likes, dislikes, where he was made and even his cleaning instructions .

Bingle Wooflepup : 
·         Is 19.1cm (7.5 inches) tall and 16.5cm (6.5 inches) wide approx. 
·         Is made from 100% cotton ribbed fabric & wool-felt for his heart & eye patches
·         has plastic safety craft eyes and nose 
·         is completely hand stitched with perle crochet cotton 
·         Was respectfully stuffed with grade A super soft polyester fibre filling

Bingle and all the other PepperPi Pals are available to buy on-line


  1. Thanks Alison! Bingle is now blushing :)

  2. Bingle is VERY cute, even if he does like sniffing peoples bottoms!! You really must train him better...I blame the parents!!

  3. LOL...yes, you are right, I should have nipped it in the bud straight away...but he's so cute it's hard to tell him off! :)

    Clair xx


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