Sunday, February 06, 2011

PepperPi interviews - Art of Felting

I was so impressed by the adorable creations of Art of Felting that I wanted to tell you all about it! And I was delighted when Daria, the lovely lady who makes these beautiful creations, very kindly agreed to let me interview her about her work! 

I am sure you will be as charmed as I am by Art of Felting

Daria lvovsky

Business Name
Art of Felting

Where in the world are you?

Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you make
I was born in Belarus. At the age of 28 I started a family in Israel with my wonderful husband. I am now a mother of 3 gorgeous daughters.
I bring to life the images that inhabit my soul through needle and wet felting.
I create wool soft sculptures in the Waldorf stile, needle felted animals and tapestries.

What inspired you to start your own business?
My way to the needle felting was long and interesting. In attempts to find the most expressive materials, I have tried wood, ceramics and even metal… I discovered this amazing world three years ago through the Waldorf kindergarten which my elder daughter attended. 

It is hard to pinpoint what is making them so attractive to kids and grown ups alike: the endless scope of imagination, the distinctive texture of the wool, or the unique colors, so different from those that surround us. Moreover, all the materials I use are Eco friendly! 

When you are making your creations, do you have a favourite part of the process?
When,towards the end of a work,I discover that in my hands has come to life something unique and new that did not exist before. 

Later it is interesting to follow the fate of each one of my creations; one would be given to a sick child; another sent to a mother...all soft and cuddly, warming up hearts around the world.  The thought that from my little home i might put a smile on someone's face far,far away.

Where can we buy your wonderful creations?


  1. I never knew of felting until my cousin started her own recently. These are just amazing!

  2. Wow, these are just exquisite!Thankyou for the introduction to this amazing artist.
    Lovely to come visit your "home" Clair! LOVE your PepperPi Pals! So colourful and fun! Just gorgeous! :)

  3. It was such a pleasure to do this feature....Daria produces such amazing work and if I had lots of money I would buy buy just about everything in her store :)

    Thanks for your lovely comments about my Pals your work too and your blog is gorgeous too.

    Clair x


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