Monday, March 08, 2010

Circle of Friends Award!

Thanks so much to the lovely Ann from Vintage At The Corner House for giving me this award! Very kind of you to think of me Ann :)
The conditions of accepting the award are:
  • List five things I like doing
  • Pass the award on to five more bloggers I would like to know a little more about

Alrighty then, here is a list of 5 things I like doing...

1. Crafting. I just love being creative....whether it's making my plush characters, designing patterns, making jewellery, making pretty things for my garden, working on my portfolio, photography...ooohh the list goes on! :)

2. Computer-aided graphic design. I originally started out training as a Reprographic Designer, way back when I was 17...back in the good (?) old days when everything was done manually with no computers to help. Now I love designing my logo's, banners, flyers, posters and so on.

3. Selling at craft fairs. Great fun and I get to meet like-minded crafy people! :)

4. Being with my beautiful dog Pepper, who gives me non-stop love and is my bestest friend :) She's getting on a bit now...nearly 13...but you wouldn't know it from looking at her or from her behaviour- she's still a pup :)

5. Reading. I've always enjoyed reading. In my teens I devoured book after book of fantasy fiction and Sir Terry Pratchett. In my twenties I couldn't get enough of horror fiction (and still- Terry Pratchett). Now, in my thirties, I seem to be reading all sorts of things- science fiction, steampunk fiction, graphic novels, horror, humour, and non-fiction books such as natural history or atronomy... (but strangely enough- no Pratchett). I often have two or more books on the the moment I am reading Julie Walters' autobiography, and "Lex Trent Vs The Gods" by Alex Bell and Neil Gaiman (sort of fantasy humour).

Now I am going to list 5 bloggers (alphabetical order) who I would like to give the Circle of Friends Award to.... 

Spread the friendship! :)


  1. I'm a HUGE dog lover and "dog mom" of two! Pepper is gorgeous! Such a precious pup!! Thank you for following my blog! Glad to meet you!
    ~Julie =]

  2. Oh Pepper is so beautiful, she has such soulful eyes and my what big ears she has! It looks like Pepper provides some great inspiration for some of your characters :0)

    Thank you so much for passing the award on to me Clair, that's really kind of you. I'll have a think about my answers and pass it on next time.

    Kerrie x

  3. Ha Haaa...yes, she really does have rather large ears. Even when she was a tiny puppy she had ears far too large for her head- completely out of proportion. Looked so cute though. She looked a little like scrappy-doo from scoobie-doo. And yes...she has the most adorable soft caring eyes....awwww bless her little cotton socks :)


  4. Thank you for passing on this blog award to me! I am honored! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your new creations! Your pup looks like a real sweetheart!



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