Friday, April 16, 2010

Little shop of HORRORS!

Eeeeek! This is no place for the faint-hearted! Look....there's a Yeti!.....and over there- a Shadow Gnome!.....and I swear I just saw a Vampire Guinea Pig scuttle past! 
Are you sure you want to come inside this little shop of HORRORS?....Mwah ha haaaa!!!

Blue Yeti by Monster Magic

"Wayne" Monster Sculpture by Dance Sippy Dance

Snuggleme Tryppleye the Alien by PepperPi

Marshmallow Monster T-Shirt by Autumn Collective

"Eva" Felt-fellow Monster necklace by Felt At Home

Shadow Gnome Doll by Grackled Gnomes

No. 437 Vampire Punk Pig by Clickity Clack

Well done! You made it safely through all the beasties....would you like a sweet cup of tea and a sit-down to calm your nerves?

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  1. how fabulous! absolutely love the punk pig.....those eyes are scary!! A wonderful collection of beasties :)


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