Friday, July 16, 2010

What happens when it rains

The recent return of rain has meant I am spending much less time outside and in my garden, and more time in the house. That's not so bad- it means I have been making more things :) I've been listening to my audio books and getting crafty! 

I made three necklaces with matching earrings (I sell my jewellery at craft fairs and at work where I have two display boards in our staff room).

    ...and I have started a decoupage project- I'm making a large-ish keepsake box for myself (photo's to follow)...

  ...I made two small beaded felt wall hangings in some of my favourite colours for my online shops...

  ...and I have just started making a new Hopsalot bunny character from a lovely piece of cheerful floral fabric! (she'll be available to buy sometime next week).

so, although the rain does have it's drawbacks, I'm sure you'll agree it does have it's good points too :) 

Do you find you make more things during inclement weather? And do you like to listen to audio books, the radio or music etc whilst you are being creative? I find it depends on what I'm making as to what I want to listen about you?

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