Monday, November 08, 2010

Meet Twittle Littlehoot....

...the red gingham owl.

Another addition to the PepperPi Pals family!
Just like people, each PepperPi character is unique and only one of each is made!

Each PepperPi character has a personality all of their own....

Twittle Likes:
Woodland Picnics
Pressing flowers
Collecting buttons

Twittle Dislikes:
Frosty mornings

Twittle Littlehoot comes complete with her own personalised Profile Card 

showing details such as her name, 
her likes, dislikes, where she was made and even her cleaning instructions. 

The profile card comes with a protective biodegradable cellophane envelope. Card measures 15.5cm x 20cm

Twittle can't wait to meet you...come and see her in the PepperPi Pals store

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